Rhino: Commonly Used Commands

Rhino responds to commands entered into the Command prompt. Some of the basic modeling commands are as follows:

BOX constructs a box with a base on the current construction plane. Useful for building basic rectangular components of buildings, including rectangular masses, walls, floors, etc. For non-rectangular objects, try using POLYLINE, EXTRUDECRV, and CAP in combination.

RECTANGLE draws a 2D rectangle on the current construction plane.

POLYLINE draws a 2D or 3D polyline in space. This command is useful for establishing the “base profile” of volumes to be extruded.

EXTRUDECRV converts a curve (a 2D path) into a surface or polysurface, extruded perpendicular to the current construction plane.

CAP fixes “holes” in a polysurface, e. g., places a “bottom” and a “top” surface on an extruded closed curve.

BOOLEANUNION joins two or more volumes into one.

BOOLEANDIFFERENCE cuts one volume from another. Useful for making openings in walls.

LINE draws a line between 2 points.

MOVE moves a selection.

COPY copies a selection.

TRIM trims one object with another.

EXTEND lengthens or shortends curves.

CONNECT extends and trims curves to meet at endpoints.

CIRCLE draws a circle.

ARC draws an arc.

OFFSET creates a parallel or concentric copy of an object.

Note that most Rhino commands have command-line options, invoked by typing a single letter or by clicking on the option in the command line.


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