InDesign: Guides, Margins, and Columns

InDesign provides guides for the accurate positioning of text and graphics on a page. Guides work as an underlay and objects will snap to them and their intersections. Guides do not print. They can be repositioned by dragging.

Guides placed on a master page will appear on pages assigned to that master. These guides can only be repositioned on the master page; otherwise they will effectively be locked.

TO PLACE A GUIDE: Check that the Rulers are visible on the top and left sides of the screen (View > Show Rulers). Click and drag the mouse on the horizontal or vertical ruler to place guides onto the page.

MARGINS AND COLUMNS: Layout > Margins and Columns lets you set up columns on a page. By default, InDesign creates equal width columns. You can change column width by dragging the column guides left and right. (Note: if you want the same margins and columns to apply to every page in a multiple-page document, adjust the settings on a master page.)


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