3DS Max Design: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts.

Note: See http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Autodesk_3ds_Max/Shortcuts for a complete list.

        Enables the Move tool.

         Enables the Rotate tool.

         Snap toggle. This toggle enables/disables the snap settings. (Equivalent to F3 in AutoCAD.) To change snap settings, choose Tools > Grid and Snap Settings.

Alt-Q     Isolates the current selection. (To undo, choose Tools > End Isolation.)

Ctrl-V    Clones the current selection.

F10      Render setup.

Shift-Q  Renders the current scene.


Note: To automatically create a text file of all commands, including those with keyboard shortcuts assigned, choose Customize > Customize User Interface. On the Keyboard panel, click Write Keyboard Chart. Save the file to the location of your choice.


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