SketchUp: Basic Tools

SketchUp’s most important and frequently used tools are found in the Large Tool Set (View > Toolbars; check Large Tool Set). These tools include:


Select [spacebar] Selects objects.


Paint Bucket [B] Applies colors and/or materials.


Eraser [E] Erases objects.


Rectangle [R] Draws rectangles.


Line (Pencil) [L] Draws lines.


Move [M] Moves objects.


Push/Pull [P] Pushes and pulls faces of objects.


Tape Measure [T] Measure distances and create guide lines.


Orbit [O] Orbits the view of the model.


Hand [H] Pans the view of the model.


Zoom [Z] Zooms the view of the model.

MENU COMMANDS. Commonly used menu commands include:

File > Import. Import reference files (.dwg, .dxf, .3ds, .stl, .jpg, others).
File > Export. Export 3D or 2D copies in other formats (.dwg, .dxf, .mxs).
Edit > Make Group. Group objects together to prevent their modification.
View > Toolbars. Control the visibility of toolbars.
View > Face Style. Control the visibility of object faces.
Plugins > Maxwell > Maxwell Fire (if installed). Realtime feedback of rendered image.

VIEW COMMANDS. The Views toolbar (View > Toolbars; check Views) includes these important tools:

Iso: sketchup_views_iso

Top: sketchup_views_top

Front: sketchup_views_front

Right: sketchup_views_right

Back: sketchup_views_back

Left: sketchup_views_left


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