InDesign: Interface and Navigation

InDesign’s features are accessed through pulldown menus, windows, and keyboard commands. InDesign is a “what you see is what you get” application, meaning that your work appears on-screen as it will fit to paper. This feature contrasts InDesign with Photoshop, where you must perform a preview to see how your work will fit on paper, and with AutoCAD, where formatting (in layout space) is performed separately from drawing (in model space).

The Tools window appears automatically when you create a new publication. If you lose the toolbox, choose Window > Tools. The Control window is usually docked at the top of the screen; it is accessed with Window > Control.


1. Choose the Zoom tool from the Tools window.

2. Click once within the document to zoom in; hold down the alt key while clicking to zoom out. (In Windows, click ctrl-plus (+) to zoom in, or ctrl-minus (-) to zoom out; click ctrl-zero (0) to fit the page to the screen. For Mac, substitute option for ctrl.)

3. Use the scroll bars on the right and bottom edges of the window to pan across the page.


Choose Window > Pages for a preview of the pages in your document.

To switch to a certain page within your document, select the page number from the pulldown list near the bottom left corner of the document window.



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