Step-by-Step: 2D Projections in Rhino

Rhino models can be “projected” into 2D line drawings for use in presentations or construction documentation.


1.  Open a Rhino model.

2.  Set the view you wish to project (e. g., a perspective view or an orthogonal projection like a plan or elevation).

3.  Enable a clipping plane if required. (See information on CLIPPINGPLANE.)

4.  Type MAKE2D [Enter].

5.  Select the objects you wish to project. Press [Enter] when done.

6.  In the 2-D Drawing Options dialog box, select Current View. Choose other options as appropriate for your situation. (For example, if you check Maintain Source Layers, the resulting 2D drawing will be organized according to the same layering scheme as your Rhino model.)

7.  Click OK.

8.  Although you may or may not see the result of the MAKE2D command on your screen, Rhino has created new objects representing a 2D vector projection of the objects you selected above. Before doing anything else, immediately choose File > Export Selected.

9.  Select the .dwg file format and save the drawing.

10.  After the drawing is saved, immediately click Delete. (This erases the projected geometry in Rhino and allows you to proceed with modeling.)

11.  The resulting .dwg file can be opened in AutoCAD and checked for scale, layers, etc. It can be dimensioned and saved in AutoCAD and/or opened in Illustrator for further editing and annotation.


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