3DS Max Design: Rendering a Simple Path Animation.

First, create an animation based on a simple walkthrough “path”:

  1. Create a walkthrough “path” in your scene. (For example, use the Line tool to draw a curved path.)
  2. Choose Animation > Walkthrough Assistant.
  3. Click Create New Camera.
  4. In the Path Control area, click Pick Path.
  5. Select the walkthrough path in a viewport.
  6. In the upper-left corner of the viewport, choose the name of the camera you created in Step 3. This will cause the viewport to display the camera’s view.
  7. Click the Play Animation button to view the animation.

Next, render the animation.

  1. Click F10 to bring up the Render Setup dialog box.
  2. In the Time Output area, select the appropriate settings for the duration/range of the animation.
  3. Make sure to specify a location to save the animation.
  4. Click Shift-Q to render the animation.

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